032 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

032 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Population: 106,300


Neal was born in Ottawa in 1960 and grew-up performing chores on the family farm in Cheney Ontario. He attended Ecole St-Mathieux de Hammond, Ecole Secondaire de Plantagenet High School, Ecole Secondaire de Casselman and graduated from Centennial College having obtained a diploma in Small Business Administration.

He started his first business at 16 years old, and was introduced to Revenue Canada at 18 years old. It was a life changing event.

He was the founding President of the Centennial Association of Student Entrepreneurs (small business club) and associated it with ACE Canada. He has gained much experience as an employee, as a self employed business venturer and as a volunteer in the community.

Presently he is a self-owner operator of himself performing the function of a commercial truck driver. He drives trucks because it gives him a feeling of living FREE in an unfree world.

His favorite activity is sharing time with his family. He enjoys watching his three (3) teenaged children participate in their respectives activities such as school home work, gymnastics and soccer. In fact, Neal volunteered as a soccer coach for his son's soccer team in the Glengarry Soccer League.

Why are you running?

I am running to give my kids a chance to keep their social and economic freedom.

As a self claimed owner / operator, I only own and control myself, no one else, not even my children. I want to lead my children by example. If we want our political liberties and economic freedoms, we must continually work for them and that means being political active.

Most people are indifferent to politics and will barely vote at election times. They don't understand how their private lives are being invaded by big government bureaucrats; Or how their private wealth is being extorted from them by threat of violent force. Most people gladly accept some bureaucrat making decisions on their behalf.

The bureaucrat will decide what people can express, what people can consume, what people will learn, how people will earn and how long people must wait for medical care. I don't want that for my kids.

As a driver, when I see trouble up the road, I change direction to avoid problems. As a Libertarian politician, I'm driving our message of promoting peaceful private property exchanges by private people within an open competitive free enterprising market environment. We libertarians wish to Free Enterprise from big government bureaucratic control. Government control of enterprise is Fascism. I don't want my kids to live under Fasicism. I want my kids to continue to experience economic and political freedoms. I am fighting politically for my kids to keep living in a free enterprise market environment. My father fought in a war for my freedom.

Your top issue? Limited Government

I want to change the governments' direction from a growing fascism to a more libertarian orientation. The cost of freedom is to never accept slavery as a way of life. Every year our government takes more control of our lives, our businesses and we are loosing our private wealth. The government is forcing people into poverty, misery and dependence. The government keeps regulating our actions and they keep taking more imposed taxes from us. The government thinks it knows how to spend our money better then we can; But it can't!

The bureaucrats don't know how to control its spending of other peoples' money resulting in more government debts. When governments grow, they tax and consume the private wealth created and accumulated by the private free enterprise market system. Only free people working in a free market system will create wealth out of enterprising ventures. Governments that protect freedoms help produce prosperity but governments that control freedoms only increase misery and poverty.

We need less government control of us and more government protection of our free enterprise market system. We need more freedoms and liberties to prosper. We need to get the government out of our businesses and our businesses out of government.

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