032 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

032 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Population: 106,300


Neal was born at the Monfort Hospital in Ottawa in 1960 and grew-up performing chores on the family farm with his five siblings in Cheney in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. The family spoke English at home but the children attended French Catholic schools. Neal went to school in Cheney and then attended Ecole St-Mathieux de Hammond, Ecole Secondaire de Plantagenet High School, Ecole Secondaire de Casselman and graduated from Centennial College obtaining a diploma in Small Business Administration.

He started his first business at 16 years old, and was introduced to Revenue Canada at 18 years old. It was a life changing event. Why does government have the authority to engage in Legal Plunder? (armed roberry by legal means)

He was the founding President of the Centennial Association of Student Entrepreneurs (small business club) and associated it with ACE Canada, now (www.enactus.ca). He has gained much experience as an employee, as a self employed business venturer and as a volunteer in the community.

Presently, he is a self-owner operator performing the function of a commercial truck driver based in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. He drives trucks because he enjoys the freedom to travel and it gives him a feeling of being FREE in an unfree world.

His favorite activity is sharing time with his family. He enjoys watching his three (3) teenage children participate in their respective activities such as school home work, gymnastics and soccer. In fact, Neal volunteered as a soccer coach for the Glengarry Soccer League. As a hobby, he engages in libertarian politics.


Why are you running?

I wish to be elected as the first Libertarian politician representing the people of Glengarry - Prescott - Russell. I offer to promote, preserve and protect the absolute rights and liberties of all individuals within our communities. I wish to return our society to its founding principles of making laws for peace, order and good government and to stop the growing socialist communist fascist takeover of our governing agencies. Our absolute rights to life, limb, liberty and property are being systematically eroded by hegelian operatives promoting the "greater good" of collectives by sacrificing our individual rights and freedoms. The best means of preserving the greater good is to protect the absolute rights of the individual. Your rights are paramount before collectives such as unions, corporations and even governments. Your vote is the highest authority and I wish to earn it by serving you to the best of my political abilities.

Your top issue? Limited Government

The purpose of government is to assist individuals protect their lives, bodies, properties and liberties within their respective jurisdictions without taking over the individual's responsibilities. Each level of governments are assigned constitutional responsibilities and limitations to reduce the possibilities of tyranny. As a potential Libertarian Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) it would be my responsibility to limit the Province of Ontario from "Taking-Over" the responsibilities and liberties of individual citizens. Individuals have the final authority to "control" government directly or indirectly through the process of electing democratic representatives. I wish to be elected by the voters of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell to represent their authority to limit the government's authority over their individual lives, liberties, properties and responsibilities. We are all individually responsible for our governments and I offer to represent your responsibilities without limiting your authority over me. Your vote is your Freedom to Choose. Will you grant me your temporary permission to represent you in parliament?

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2018 Ontario Election


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253 Days

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