085 Perth-Wellington

085 Perth-Wellington

Population: 104,910


I am pleased to announce my pending nomination to represent the Ontario Libertarian Party in the 2018 Ontario General Election. I look forward to meeting more people throughout Perth-Wellington and build on the support I enjoyed during the 2014 campaign.

Why am I running? Because quite frankly, the government of the day is seriously broken. It's time for a change that goes beyond switching existing players into new positions. The parties currently in the Legislature may appear to be different but in truth, they are all basically the same. They love big government and work hard to make sure it just keeps on growing.

Top of the hit parade is fiscal responsibility. Math like gravity works 100% of the time. We cannot continue to burden future generations with a mounting debt that today stands at over $300 billion. First order of business is to balance the budget. Not an easy task.

Out-of-control expenditures are caused by many things. The seemingly never ending growth of government and bureaucracy, legislated monopolies in areas like health care, education and energy; intervention into what should be free markets and simply trying to solve every problem that comes along by throwing taxpayers money at it.

The OLP would seek to eliminate the waste in the system, not by slashing and burning the things our society holds dear but rather by changing the funding models and allowing competition into the market where none exists.

For example, health care and education should be funded by tax dollars following the patient and student. Families, parents and communities should make choices that are best for them, not settle for government offerings.

Finally, government does not create jobs, entrepreneurs do. It's irresponsible to pick winners and losers with your tax dollars.

Stay tuned ... I have a lot of topics that need to be discussed.

- Scott Marshall

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