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Let's Fix Hydro is a public forum (on Facebook) specifically designed to raise and elevate the message of energy poverty in Ontario, and to hold the Ontario government publicly accountable for their repeated mistakes, waste and mismanagement in the energy/electricity file. Our children, and their children have just had their futures mortgaged.

Maybe its because the liberals have been in power for 14 years? Maybe its because the liberal party has been caught up in so many scandals, accusations of corruption and cash for access fundraisers, and outright subterfuge and false facts when explaining away the various unethical maneuvers committed by this hack government that the people of Ontario are either dismissive of, or enraged by this government.

A person watching this government, led by Premier Kathleen Wynne and her entourage of submissive ministers, such as Charles Sousa, Deb Matthews, Liz Sandals, Eric Hoskins and other unsavory players wonders how on earth did this group of people get to be in a position of majority power?

It is very evident in the last 3 years the level of fake indignation and outrage constantly exhibited by the liberals is well practiced, and a go-to knee jerk response whenever the need to deflect from the shameful truth is necessary.

For example, lets take the new “Fair Hydro Plan” recently introduced by Kathleen Wynne.

Lately, the people of Ontario have been receiving a mysterious piece of mail in their letter boxes from Hydro One.

It’s titled Home Energy Dashboard.

I say mysterious because one cannot help but feel a little privacy invasion is happening and are unaware they are even participating.

Hmm... comparison at its finest

According to Hydro One, these Energy Dashboard reports compare your home to that of your “neighbours” in energy use. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone exclaiming how positively happy they are that they are better than their neighbours. Nope !

Most people have questions, and valid ones at that. I am going to cover a few of the most frequently pondered questions mulled over by anyone with thinking capabilities. Then I will tell you how to “opt-out” so you are doing your civic duty in preserving trees and slowing climate change (someone has to stuff and mail those wasteful, unsolicited reports into envelopes) and all the other buzz words bandied about to guilt people into thinking they’re just the worst thing since Buckley’s cough medicine.

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