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As everyone in Ontario is surely aware (unless you live in a cave of course) the government has mishandled the energy file (Hydro in particular) in ways that are almost beyond belief.

Bonnie Lysyk

"Ontario’s electricity consumers are being zapped for tens of billions of dollars due to overpriced green energy, poor government planning, and shoddy service from Hydro One, says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk.

In her annual report, she concluded ratepayers forked out $37 billion more than necessary from 2006 to 2014 and will spend an additional $133 billion by 2032 due to global adjustment electricity fees on hydro bills."

- Toronto Star, Dec. 2, 2015

One of the key planks in the 2018 Platform of the Ontario Libertarian Party is to "Cut your hydro bill in half" through a number of methods including:

  • repeal the Green Energy Act
  • eliminate time of use billing
  • end discriminatory delivery charges crushing rural residents
  • remove all subsidized power from the grid
  • terminate for convenience all subsidized generation contracts
  • transfer off the Hydro books all termination costs including past gas plant termination costs. Hydro customers will not be made to pay for the Government boondoggles.
  • terminate all Liberal Government appointees from all boards and electricity related entities

Many people don't believe or understand the 5th point about terminating all subsidized generation contracts because of ... "but they have a contract!"

I think the key phrase in this is "for convenience."  After all, it doesn't seem to be very smart to potentially hose the ratepayers an overcharge of $170 billion just because of incredibly bad decisions.

“Termination for convenience” refers to the exercise of the government’s right to bring to an end the performance of all or part of the work provided for under a contract prior to the expiration of the contract “when it is in the Government’s interest” to do so.

I'd hope it would be in the interest of any government to terminate all contracts that have been so poorly crafted that it leaves so many people making the choice between eating or turning on the lights or even worse, the heat in the dead of winter. Good Grief. frown

Tear that shit up!

So can or should this be done?  Well, here's an interesting report from the Fraser Institute released in October 2014 that shares a bit of insight and well worth taking a look at.

Would the Ontario Libertarian Party ... Cut your hydro bill in half?



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