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In Part I of this series, we'll take a look at several of the top earners in the Crown Agencies sector of this years Sunshine List (Public sector salary disclosure) and see if they've made out like bandits on the public's dime over the past couple of years.  Spoiler Alert ... most haven't!  Math Checker ... most is not = to all.

For the sake of your sanity, feel free to skip the list below. smile

This sector includes the following Crown Agencies (listed alphabetically): Advertising Review Board, AgriCorp, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Algonquin Forestry Authority, Animal Care Review Board, Assessment Review Board, Automobile Accident Benefits Service, Cancer Care Ontario, Child and Family Services Review Board / Custody Review Board, Consent and Capacity Board, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Death Investigation Oversight Council, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, Education Quality and Accountability Office, eHealth Ontario, Environmental Review Tribunal, Financial Services Commission, Fire Marshal's Public Safety Council, Fire Safety Commission, Grievance Settlement Board, Health Boards Secretariat, HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, Human Rights Legal Support Centre, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Landlord and Tenant Board, Legal Aid Ontario, Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Local Health Integration Network (LHIN; 14 regions), McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Metrolinx, Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation, Motherisk Commission, Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Niagara Parks Commission, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Office for Victims of Crime, Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Office of the Employer Adviser, Office of the Fairness Commissioner, Office of the Independent Police Review Director, Office of the Worker Adviser, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Civilian Police Commission, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Ontario Educational Communications Authority, Ontario Energy Board, Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, Ontario Financing Authority, Ontario Food Terminal Board, Ontario Health Quality Council, Ontario Heritage Trust, Ontario Highway Transport Board, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Ontario Municipal Board, Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, Ontario Parole Board, Ontario Pension Board, Ontario Place, Ontario Racing Commission, Ontario Review Board, Ontario Science Centre, Ontario Securities Commission, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ottawa Convention Centre, Owen Sound Transportation Company, Pay Equity Commission, Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, Ring of Fire Infrastructure Development Corporation, Royal Ontario Museum, Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario / Animal Care Review Board / Fire Safety Commission / Licence Appeal Tribunal / Ontario Civilian Police, Science North, Social Benefits Tribunal Child and Family Services Review Board and Custody Review Board, Social Benefits Tribunal, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, The Ontario French Language Educational Communications Authority, Trillium Gift of Life Network, Walkerton Clean Water Centre, Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, and let's not forget ... Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Quick Facts

Okay, so I wouldn't have expected you to actually go through this list of a 100 Agencies that account for 4,731 employees earning over $100k for a total of $638,877,140.57 (over six hundred million dollars) including salaries and taxable benefits. If you did though, I'd hope you might see a few agency names that might cause you to scratch your head and wonder why is this a legitimate role of the provincial government.

Many of these "Agencies" are pretty much void of any huge salaries and have very few people in them earning enough to even make the list.  We obviously have no way to easily determine how many other employees are in any given example. There are however a few that stand out in a big way.

Note: all earnings expressed will include salary and taxable benefits combined, unless otherwise indicated.

Top of the list ...

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (which I'll summarize with Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal because clearly one creates work for the other).

There are 679 employees with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board earning over $100k for a total in this group of $84.6 million a year. Plus another 41 employees with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal for a total of $5.4 million.

A cool $90 million combined. So do you wonder why premiums are so high, enforcement so heavy handed. And yet, we all hear the horror stories from someone we know about the difficulties they have navigating the system with a legitimate claim.

I wonder if there's a set route for their paper shuffle or do they just play at random ... sort of like musical chairs.


  • Donna Bain, Deputy Chief Operating Officer $490,674.45
  • Thomas Teahen, President and Chief Executive Officer $461,037.73

Maybe Donna works a bit of overtime to outperform the President & CEO? She does appear to have received a promotion though which included a $207k raise over her 2015 earnings (73%). Thomas was also promoted and got a $156k raise over 2105 (51%).

Here are another 10 Agencies each with over 100 members in the $100k Club ...


481 Sunshine employees for $60.7 million.

  • Bruce McCuaig, President & CEO $379,609.49
  • includes: 3 Executive Vice Presidents, 9 Vice Presidents, 62 Directors, 35 Senior Managers, 149 Managers, 33 Coach Technicians, 21 Bus Drivers, etc.

I'm sure they are all happy to see those carbon taxes coming into the coffers.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

411 Sunshine employees for $56.2 million.

  • Stephen Rigby, President and CEO $539,609.50
  • includes: 25 Vice Presidents, 19 Executive Directors, 91 Directors, 87 Senior Managers, etc.

I'm sure they are all happy that winning the lottery is like a faint hope clause for retirement unless you're a public service employee.

Ontario Securities Commission

317 Sunshine employees for $53.2 million

  • Maureen Jensen, Chair & CEO $644,533.60

eHealth Ontario

309 Sunshine employees for $38.9 million

  • Cynthia Morton, CEO $389,559.56

Liquor Control Board of Ontario

314 Sunshine employees for $40.5 million

  • N. Robert Peter, President & CEO $505,548.16

Legal Aid Ontario

303 Sunshine employees for $36.2 million

  • David Field, President & CEO $268,397.39

Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation

214 Sunshine employees for $31.4 million

  • Ehren Cory, Divisional President, Project Delivery $415,632.62
  • Bert Clark, President & CEO $360,585.67

Cancer Care Ontario

187 Sunshine employees for $24.6 million

  • Linda Rabeneck, Vice President $559,735.18
  • Michael Sherar, President & CEO $535,221.40

Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

111 Sunshine employees for $16.8 million

  • Peter Donnelly, President & CEO $430,832.52

Ontario Energy Board

104 Sunshine employees for $15.8 million

  • Rosemarie Leclair, Chair & CEO $505,883.76

Be sure to check back for the other sectors I will be covering as well as a host of specialty lists once I get through them all.


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