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So your first question might be, "what's this all about?"

It's really quite simple. Believe it or not, the whole world isn't on Facebook, so I've created this site to allow us to share more up-to-date content to the general population. This should prove to be an extremely valuable resource especially for Prospective and Nominated Candidates looking toward the 2018 Ontario General Election (more on this below).

I should mention that the focus of this site is Ontario. Blogging about the important issues affecting us in Ontario, the Libertarian Party of Ontario's various positions on topics and any other relevant Ontario centric information or subject matter is more than welcome.

Also welcome is other content i.e. YouTube videos that may not be specifically talking about Ontario but definitely deliver a libertarian message on a subject that is relevant to our Ontario situation. A good example of this would be something on Minimum Wage and how raising it doesn't really produce the intended result and in fact does the opposite.


Who can submit or post information for the site?

Submissions for posting and direct posting access will be strictly limited to current Members in good standing of the Ontario Libertarian Party.

Submissions of content for me to post can be sent by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will grant publishing access to anyone who wants to blog here regularly (on a case by case basis) and provide you with the necessary training to function independently as well as provide ongoing support as required.

There is no cost to participate other than your desire to share our political philosophy and your time to produce reasonable quality content.

IMPORTANT: This site will be moderated by myself to begin and by others potentially as we move forward. Remember, we are a political party and just like the official party website it's important to maintain a professional image. That said, we definitely have a bit more leeway here for example to discuss information that may be more personal opinion in nature but not covered by the party. Cannabis dispensaries might be an example. Topical, thought provoking memes are another.


Currently Nominated and/or Prospective Candidates for 2018

At this time there are only a handful of Officially Nominated (accepted by our leader, Allen Small) Candidates to represent the Ontario Libertarian Party in the 2018 Ontario General Election. There are also over 100 who are interested in being a candidate either actively or willing to have their name on a ballot for the party. For clarity, I am referring to you as a Potential or Prospective Candidate.

Nominated Candidates

I know there will come a time when you can have your profile information posted to the official party website but that time is a ways away. It's important to remember that this party runs on volunteers and there are very few of them able to put in the insane amount of work to keep things running smoothly. That's why the more we can do for ourselves the better it is for everyone in the end.

This site is the ideal location to work on your profile and have your contact information available. When you're out talking to people in your electoral district, at least this site will provide you with your own page to communicate with those who are interested. For nominated candidates your url will simply be this thiswebsite/yourelectoraldistrict. i.e. my page (under construction) is currently located at

You can also advertise your Pub Nights, events you may be attending, causes you support or anything else you might like that will be related to your upcoming 2018 campaign.

Prospective Candidates

There are a couple of different classifications of prospects. Some have run actively in the 2014 campaign and will most likely be given preference to run again (I fit that scenario). Others have had their name on the ballot in the past but maintained a lower profile (non-active) and yet there are still others who have never run before but are willing to put their name on the ballot for the party either as an active or paper candidate to help us reach the primary goal of having a full slate for 2018 (a candidate in every district).

This site is for you as well, regardless of whether you're thinking about being an active candidate or not.

Here's the thing (in my personal opinion). Words are great but actions speak volumes. If you're seriously interested in helping the party and want the party to help you, there is no time like the present to crank it up a gear. This is a great space to see what others are doing, experiment with your own profile and also learn a bit from those who have gone before you.

Interested? Great! Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for you time.

- Scott Marshall

IMPORTANT: The views or opinions expressed on this site are those of individual authors and contributors and DO NOT necessarily reflect or correspond to the policy or platform of the Ontario Libertarian Party, its leader, or any other party member. This site is moderated and should you have any concerns with anything found herein please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.