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In Ontario, where Kathleen Wynne’s government just foisted a cap-and-trade version of a carbon tax on residents, antagonism is running high. A Nanos poll released this month and conducted for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation found only 31-per-cent support for the scheme, with 61 per cent opposed. PC voters, NDP voters, and astonishingly, Green voters all dislike it. The majority of people even in the enlightened GTA disapprove. Only Liberal voters were more inclined to support it. Meanwhile, nearly 70 per cent of those polled believe the carbon tax will cost their households a lot more than the $13 a month the government claims (the estimate is laughable it's so ridiculously low).

And why shouldn’t they distrust the Liberals’ claims about this, the latest in a catalogue of falsely advertised climate policies? Under former premier Dalton McGuinty, these Liberals promised to “bring stability to Ontario’s electricity market,” only to deliver climate policies that sent rates haywire to the point many can no longer afford their electric bills. They lied, too, about the grotesque cost of cancelling fossil fuel power plants. Yet Ontarians heard Wynne just a year ago still sounding oblivious to the low-carbon catastrophe they’ve been enduring, insisting she’s “happy to defend the changes that we’ve made.”

McGuinty is long gone now, off somewhere lying lower than his legacy. Wynne’s cringeworthy personal popularity numbers, 16 per cent barely a year before the next Ontario election, suggest she’ll soon be joining him in disgraced exile. Ontario Liberals are choosing to ignore the bubbling anger from constituents over being force-fed aggressive, expensive climate policies they never asked or voted for.

an adaptation of an article from: National Post

The Ontario Libertarian Party would Repeal the Cap & Trade Tax in Ontario.

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