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Depending on which source your choose to believe, the Ontario Government is set to announce the establishment of a Cannabis Control Board and open 30-60 storefronts to manage the sale and distribution in Ontario.

Staying true to their Nanny reputation, you know how they know best, they will restrict sales to those 19 years and older which is a year above the minimum age recommended by the federal government's cannabis task force report back in December.

Whatever! Best not to throw your current dealer's business card away just yet.

At a premiers meeting in Edmonton in July, they announced they would ask the federal government to postpone legalization if issues related to road safety, taxation, training for distributors and public education are not addressed. This of course just more political-garble that translated means "we are clueless and amazingly incompetent on all matters we are able to get our mitts on."

Sixty shops to serve a province of 13.6 million isn't going to do anything other than pad the pockets of a few government insiders as distributors, create a huge bureaucracy for a bunch more overpaid-but not sure what we actually do-but the pension will be nice-friends of the political elite and of course they'll all be rubbing their hands in glee as they seek to "protect the children" by taxing the shit out of it.

Did I mention not to throw away your dealer's phone number? hahaha

- with notes from the CBC

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