Lotta Tax Handouts

"The federal and provincial governments each committed a $102.4-million conditional grant to the company"

I haven't found the Ontario Media Release with the spin yet, but here's what they're saying on the billion dollar taxpayer subsidized CBC.

Ontario is enhancing the competitiveness of the greenhouse sector by supporting the development of innovative new technologies, encouraging investments in greenhouse agriculture and boosting productivity. (media release)

Here's an interesting article where a Liberal MP first tries to blame the unrest in the industry on "humidity" but when asked to clarify, Delaney added that “electricity costs are (also) a factor.” You just can't make this stuff up folks.

Ontario is partnering with Polycorp Ltd. to support a multi-million dollar expansion at the company's manufacturing facility in Elora, creating 26 new jobs and retaining 146 positions. (media release)

From an Ontario Government news release on May 9, 2016 ... The federal and provincial governments are investing in a Brampton beverage processor, providing new opportunities for the local economy and growing Ontario's food and beverage processing sector. (news release).

Here we are less than a year later and Bacardi has announced the closure of the Brampton facility throwing 51 people out of work. According to a statement provided to the Brampton Guardian, "Bacardi carefully considered all other options before making this decision, which was necessary due to the changing business environment over many years in Canada and the importance of increasing efficiency to ensure the company's future competitiveness."

Translation: Ontario is no longer a sensible place to do business!

Ontario is partnering with Direct Coil Inc. to help the company invest in new equipment and expand its business, creating 20 new jobs and retaining 73 positions in Millhaven. (media release)

Ontario is making it easier for people to switch to an electric vehicle (EV) by further enhancing its Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP). (media release)

Ontario is partnering with Guelph Manufacturing to invest in new equipment and expand its capabilities, creating 31 new jobs and retaining 523 positions in Guelph. (media release)

Ontario is partnering with Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. to help invest in new technology and grow its business, creating 10 new jobs and retaining 25 positions in Belleville. (media release)

Ontario is partnering with Armo-Tool to help expand its operations, creating 15 new jobs and retaining 145 positions in London. (media release)

Ontario is providing Kidd Mine with $5.6 million through its Industrial Accelerator Program to support the ventilation-on-demand project. (media release)

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